Simple pricing, no surprises

  • iDeal only €0,45
  • No monthly costs for iDeal
  • No set-up fee

Transaction fees (free of VAT)

  • iDEAL – €0,45
  • Direct Debit – €0,35
  • Wire Transfer – €0,35
  • PayPal – €0,25
  • MasterCard / Visa – €0,25

Monthly fees

€10,00 per payment method
Special offer: Connect to HowPeoplePay now and don’t pay monthly fees for iDeal. Also for iDeal only webshops!

Automatic invoicing – and reconciliation module

€19,95 per month

HowPeopleShop: the all-in-one webshop solution

Including: complete webshop including hosting, connection to all popular payment methods, automatic invoicing- and reconciliation module.
€395 per month + €250 set-up fee + costs per transaction (see rates above)



  • These are the fees (including bank costs) for iDEAL and Direct Debit
  • The bank fee for a not accepted Direct Debit (Chargeback) is € 0,55
  • The bank fee penalty for a unjustified Direct Debit is € 26. The bank will charge this penalty to who then will recoup it from the merchant


  • To offer PayPal as a payment method, the merchant must enter into a direct contract with PayPal. PayPal will charge an additional fee (commission percentage)directly to the merchant. Please visit for more info.


  • To be able to accept MC/VISA merchant must enter into a contract with a MC/VISA acquirer. The cost of MC/VISA (commission percentage) will be communicated to you separately and withheld directly by the MC/VISA acquirer. offers guidance and free of charge assistance in the process of acceptance by a MC/VISA acquirer
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