Spend less time on bookkeeping and more time getting down to business.

  • Easy to connect to your accounting software
  • Shoots your invoices automatically into your accounting system
  • Closes your invoices automatically after they’re paid
Invoicing and reconciliation tool

Automatic invoicing- and reconciliation module

Matching payments can be very time consuming and therefore expensive, especially for merchants with a high volume of transactions. The HowPeopleMatch module puts invoice details automatically into your accounting software and automatically reconciles the invoices as soon as they’re paid.

How does it work?

  1. Your customer places an order in your webshop
  2. HowPeopleMatch puts the invoice details automatically into your accounting software
  3. Directly after the confirmation of the customer the payment will be processed by the HowPeoplePay payment platform. A ready-to-go shoppingcart plugin will provide the connection between your webshop and our platform.
  4. The customer pays the invoice
  5. HowPeopleMatch enters the payment details automatically in your accounting software. The matching invoice will automatically be reconciled and closes.

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